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Best math game on the AppStore

One of the first apps I bought on my first iPhone back in 2009. My wife is still using it daily to help drill our kids in math. Great app.

Times Table

The app is good, but it could have been better if there was a Times Table lock for a better practice. Hope it would be added in an update soon.

A high quality developer with a great application

Thank you for removing the iAds, they didn't belong on a children's education application. This is a well thought out program with nice graphics that helps my children do math. I ask my kids to solve 25 or 50 problems if they want to play other games. Thank you again for removing the ads and having a wonderful program.

Works Well

It is a great app! It does everything it says it does! I'm 12 (going into seventh grade) and this app is keeping me sharp with my math over the summer! As for adds... there really aren't any! I don't know what that other guy was talking about!

Great Math App for Kids

Thank you so much. This is by far my faviorite app for my kids (and "MathTables" which is also excellent). My 2nd grader just completed all his division today at school. He is top of his class, and the rest of the kids are still doing adding/subtracting. Litterally I owe it 90% to this app (and makeing him do it before playing his Wii games)! Seriously, Thanks. As a fellow programer I have to let you know you have made a FLEXIBLE applicaiton that has changed a kid's education for the better. Thats cool. Only addition I can recomend is perhaps an option for the accuracy of the resutls. Eg. say 8x7=56, perhaps you can set the level of difficulty of the correct answers from 40-60 (with 56 being right), to mayber 52-58 (again 56 is right, but closer answers make it harder)? Ie a answer range value (+/-30, or +/-15, or +/-5). Just a thought. Otherwise the flexiblity to select exaclty what numbers to use it awsome as a parent. With my 5 year old I have settings for numbers 1-4, then 1-5, and then 1-6, etc as he is progressing with additon. It's great as it keeps him and I can advance him as he's ready. Also, perhaps being able to save user settings (ie one for kid "a", and other for kid "b", etc. That would be nice too! But overall great!

Math flash card done well

FlashMath does exactly what I need - simple math flash cards that my son can do in a few minutes, like when we're waiting in line. There's controls for the problem type (add, subtract, multiply, divide) and upper and lower limits for the problems. The time challenge also lets us practice for timed quizzes at school. This latest version 1.6 includes better "wrong" answers so it is harder to just guess the right answer. The previous version would sometimes include an answer that was totally out of line so it was easier to guess the right answer.

Great for children

This is perfect for the kids u can by the other flash math products

Don't Buy Unless You Want To Pay For Update

At best and when free, the app reserved a 2 or 3 star rating. Now that they expect you to pay $1.99 for the upgrade, well... should be zero stars. Thanks for deserting your early downloaders.


Latest update to the interface is ugly. It wasn't the best looking app to begin with and now it's just visually unappealing. I'll probably use it less since there's more pleasing alternatives. If I'm gonna be interfacing with software is it too much to ask to have it be visually inspiring? Functionality is fine.

Almost perfect

I've been searching for a customizable flashcard app for my daughter and this one seemed to be the best. I like it but the only thing I wish I could do is to set a maximum for the answer. She is working on addition sums less than 10 right now and I don't see a way to set that. But we can definitely use it as it is. Thanks!


Awesome app

Excellent support

Thanks, great app. Outstanding support keeps making it even better. My son loves it.

Excellent and Fun

Excellent for the kids, very challenging. My kids really enjoy it and helps them learn. Thanks to all for a great product.

Great app - developer is a good listeners

Does the same as kumon without the tears and the cost. A further refinement would be to limit multipication to certain times tables. Also longer display of the answer or a review if the wrong questions after

Cannot generate a specific times table

The method for specifying minimum and maximum numbers to use in the equations doesn't work the way the authors claim. It is impossible to generate, for instance, a 7 times table for numbers 1-12. Entering 7 as minumum and 7 and maximum simply gives 7x7 every time. Entering 1 as minimum and 12 as maximum generates all possible multiplications from 1x1 to 12x12.

a great app for young ones learning math

and it keeps getting better. every update has made it a little better. i think they are on their fourth update now? keep them rolling.

Correct Answers

When answering incorrectly, the correct answer should stand out and NOT show for only a split second. This gives no reference for the child to study.


Really helped my 3rd grader with her times tables.... and she enjoys it too!

My First Grader enjoyed it...

On his first go around. The only thing I see right now is, it would be nice to review wrong answers. Even if the screen changed colors or something to let him know this was one he had missed. He asked me when he was finished...."Which one did I get wrong?" and unfortunately I wasn't there to see him choose.

A Parents Dream!!!!!

Great for traveling

Has potential

Purchased the software and have had it lock up my iPhone 3G several times. Sometimes after setting the prefs, sometimes after answering an equation. If they can resolve the lockups I think it would be a good program. If they have updated it and there is a delay with Apple getting the update online, I wish they would make a comment here of an update that is coming soon. It is unusable as it is right now for me.

don't buy

crashed my iPod everytime I used it

Less than a buck....

This may just be the best app you could spend a buck on. Nevertheless I find it annoying that I set it to 15 sec and they reduce the time as questions are answered. I would like to be able to toggle that, more fine tune the timing (think any number of seconds), and maybe tweek the reduction schedule. Basicly, this is exactly what I wanted though.

Some small changes

First off: ""While one reviewer said you can't specify total time, you can specify the time per equation (thus ultimately a total time)." Please re-read what I stated, I didn't state that you can't specify total time, I stated that I would like to be able to customize the time per equation because I would like lower values such as 5 and 10 seconds. Some of my children's tests are 2 minutes long and 20 questions, for example, therefore they have 6 seconds to work out each equation, so 15 seconds is too long. Another small change which would be a nice enhancement would also be, along with the correct/incorrect score, if it showed the total average time it took to answer all the questions. Correction: I had the program wrong on what it is actually doing in relation to the Time Limit. I emailed palaware and found out what it is actually doing. The time is per question but it is reduced by 25% when 25% of the questions are answered, then 50%, 75%, etc. I don't understand why it was done that way but some changes I requested will be considered in an update.

Very Nice ... would be better with more settings

This program is exactly what my 2nd Grade son needs but additional settings are required to be 100% useful. He needs to be able to add and subract the numbers 0 through 20 quickly for school. Unfortanately this program only allows setting numbers by total digits. I would love to see an upgrade that also lets you set the range (0 through 20 in our case) and also allows you to turn OFF negative number answers since that is not taught in the lower grades. Thanks and look forward to an update. Perhaps using the scroll wheel interface could be used to set the max and min numbers used in the problems.

Worth it if you kid is 4th grade or under!

I plan on using this as an incentive. He wants something, get a 10 out of 10. While one reviewer said you can't specify total time, you can specify the time per equation (thus ultimately a total time).

Very Nice

Works as advertized, great for quick math problems for my 5 year old. Only one request - even on the simplest setting the answers can be negative numbers, which is just a bit ahead of kindergarten level. In settings I would love the option to only allow positive answers. But that's a request, not a complaint. Excellent app.

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